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It is much easier than ever before to expand your business globally than ever before, thanks to resources like Google’s search engine, which potentially makes your business visible to anyone connected to the internet.

There are some basic steps that you need to follow in order to ensure that you have the framework in place to deal with global customers. This includes aspects such as ensuring you have an online payment processing system that can cope, by using a suitable resource such as merchantservices.co.uk.

Once you have the website and facilities in place to cope with an increase in orders, there are a few simple strategies to follow that will hopefully increase your chances of boosting your turnover by attracting a global customer base.

Do your research

You can get some help in researching where your target markets might be by using tools like the Global Market Finder provided by Google.

This will help you to analyse worldwide internet search data and view the most popular keyword searches for each country. This will help you to quickly match your product or service to areas where the most people are searching for them.

Become a global business

Even if you are a small local business trying to attract overseas customers, it is often beneficial to adopt what could be referred to as a digital identity, which means aligning all your platforms under one brand and identity, so that it appeals to a worldwide audience rather than just the UK for example.

It is still important however, to recognise the importance of localising when it matters. A good example of what this means is that a lot of European countries embrace an English language site, but customers in Poland, according to Google research, overwhelmingly prefer the website to be in Polish.

The advantages of e-commerce

One of the significant advantages of adopting an e-business model is the fact that you can test markets much more easily and more cost-effectively than a traditional bricks and mortar setup.

Launching into a global marketplace and finding out which countries are most receptive to your goods and services is so much easier to do when you don’t have all the costs of hiring staff and setting up business premises.

This means that you can often afford to take a few risks in terms of trialling new areas, which should allow you the opportunity to be more successful in the longer term, once you have identified who and where your target customers are located.

Raising your profile

Using search engine resources like Google to analyse data and identify potential new global customers is an excellent way of expanding your business and raising your profile.

Even though we operate in a digital marketplace these days, there are still traditional ways of raising your business profile that work well in conjunction with your online efforts and strategies.

Do also consider the idea of getting involved in trade delegations and trade fairs as well as the old-fashioned methods of networking. This type of market research and local intelligence can often help you be more streamlined with your online efforts.

Selling globally is now an option for all business owners, so make sure you take advantage of the opportunity to grab some overseas customers.

Joanne Andrews is a business consultant. She likes to post information for startups and new entrepreneurs. Her posts can be found mainly on startup and business websites.

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