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Bringing the heat – literally

The company has even coded a smart cooling system into the laptop’s BIOS. It is crystal clear that Razer knows that gaming laptops, especially ones this thin, have some sort of trouble with heat and its engineering teams are on it. It is too bad, then, that heat is still an enormous issue with the new Razer Blade. After just a few minutes in any 3D game, any area above the middle row of letter keys was hot to the touch, with the region between the hinge and keyboard deck being painfully so. Well, it is quite obvious with almost all other gaming laptops, but there will be added an exclamation point to this disclaimer: do not play games with this thing on your lap! That said, the Blade nary makes noise above a whisper while playing games – just consider buying one of those laptop coolers.

A battery befitting of its size

The laptops which are thin and light, users have long expected their longevity in order to match. Otherwise, there will be no point of a notebook that is designed to better fit in your bag if it cannot last for the length of your travelling purpose? Razer has not broken any records till yet, but it has managed to impress in the battery department. The more intense PC-Mark 8 battery test did not do the Blade any favors with a 2 hours and 40 minutes recorded time, but the arguably lighter (and more realistic) anecdotal testing saw much better lasting power while reviewing. While no 13-inch MacBook Air, the Razer Blade lasted exactly 4 hours in the personal battery test while reviewing.


Like all of the anecdotal battery tests, the Blade’s power setting is notched at “Balanced”, the screen at 50% brightness, the keyboard was not backlit and the machine was powering a USB mouse. It is then being streamed high bitrate Spotify while you are working in 10+ Chrome tabs, TweetDeck and HipChat, and whether you are watching the occasional high-res YouTube videos instead.

Not too shabby for a gaming machine. That’s especially so, considering the Gigabyte registered the same time powering a standard FHD screen, whereas the MSI could not hang out for longer than 2 hours and 58 minutes. Three revisions in, the Razer Blade has been honed to a fine edge, merging nearly peerless performance with an unmatched sense of style. Razer’s crack team of engineers and designers is clearly on to something with this device. However, you cannot help about it anything, but think that the vision still needs further refinement.

Things to be liked:

Not much has changed about the Razer Blade design over the past year, and, despite the rather flimsy touchpad buttons, that’s completely good. Reviewer has often called Razer’s mean machine the Mac Book Pro of gaming laptops, and you can still stand by that and consider it a big time compliment. From the lecture hall to the LAN party, this is a notebook that will fight right in no matter where you take it.

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