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A quality smartphone case can not only protect your valuable device from shock and environmental damage, but can deliver a range of unexpected benefits for those who invest in them. While some may complain about the altered look or added bulk of a case, the positive aspects of keeping one on a device are difficult to argue against.


Most people primarily think of personal expression when they think of smartphone cases, and although it is not the primary purpose it is certainly valid. Smartphone cases come in an array of colors, textures finishes and patterns, allowing virtually every smartphone owner to suit their individual style. This opportunity for uniqueness also has a practical use, as modern smartphones can look extremely similar and a distinctive case makes for easy identification anywhere.


A smartphone case can also give you more options on how to use your device. For example, many common cases include an adjustable kickstand at the back to prop the device up for watching videos or playing music. Others incorporate a mobile power source to charge the device as it provides protection. There are many types of case that add aftermarket functionality to your phone as well as added protection,

Screen Saving

Although the typical smartphone screen is made to be shatter resistant, very few are impervious to breaking in practice, and a broken screen can render a modern smartphone unusable. Many phone cases provide anti-shock protection that protects the device’s most fragile components, such as the screen and the internal electronics, in the case of a sudden drop.


Common wear and tear may be minimally intrusive to the first owner of a device, but the resale market is a prime reason to keep a phone in as good a condition as possible. Manufacturers release a steady stream of new models every year, and with masses of consumers keen to get their hands on the newest releases, the resale market has never been friendlier to sellers.

A premium smartphone can fetch hundreds of dollars even many months after its release, but only in like new condition, as scratches and scuffs detract significantly from the value of the device. A well-constructed smartphone case will reduce or even eliminate this kind of wear, preserving maximum retail value on a hot commodity.

A smartphone case not only provides superficial protection for your device, but helps shield its electronics and other breakable pieces as well as its value. A quality case can absorb the punishments so neither your phone or your wallet have to.

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  1. I had a cover for my Nokia 603 for 1 year, then as time went by i removed it and it feels great to use a non protective phone. But a protective case is always a wise choice for costlier smartphones.

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