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People who have work experience know that there is a big difference between what they learned in school and what is actually practiced in the workplace. You may have received all the awards and recognitions possible when you graduated but once you start working you know all of them don’t matter. It is easy to feel overwhelmed and frustrated because theories and application are two different things. This is where the importance of employee training will come in. Training actually bridges the gap between academic and the workforce. It helps new graduates and even those who haven’t been working for very long to find their way in any industry they are currently working for.

Top Five Importance of Employee Training

The importance of employee training can never be underestimated. If you are having doubts, ask yourself if you would rather be checked by a doctor who has gone through years of training or a doctor fresh from medical school. Without a doubt your answer would be the former since naturally trained doctors are way better. The same holds true with any type of industry. Management should never forget the importance of employee training. After all, the strength of any organization lies on its people.


  1. Training increases the confidence of the employees to perform their jobs. They feel more satisfied and fulfilled since they know that they are growing and learning in their field and not just merely making a living. Untrained employees, on the other hand, feel inadequate and insecure. They are like groveling in the dark trying to perform their job based merely on hunch or common sense.
  2. Industries with trained employees have high production and performance levels. Since the employees have been equipped with both knowledge and skills to do their job, they are able to function more effectively and productively. Unlike those who are untrained who are under performing because they are making so many mistakes.
  3. Employees who are trained are more efficient. This means that they are doing work with the least possible cost and least possible resources. Needless to say having efficient employees is an asset to any industry.
  4. Industries and companies save a lot of money in the long run by training their employees. Trained employees make few, if not no mistakes at all. They are able to carry out their assigned tasks the most efficient and effective way possible. High production in less time and resources readily translate to huge profits.
  5. Trained employees will attract more customers and clients. Having a company that is filled with highly trained people built a positive reputation and give a semblance of credibility. Contrary to popular notion, customers and clients are not only concerned about low price but they are equally concerned about quality. Even if you propose a higher price compared to others customers will still be drawn to your reputation and credibility.

The list above clearly shows the importance of employee training. There are times that companies will try to “save” money and cut training budget. However, when production gets delayed and deadlines are not met, everybody learns that cutting the training budget costs so much more in the end.

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