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As we have more use for our smartphones than ever before, we have seen a rise in the amount of apps we have at our disposal, and more specifically the amount of gaming apps that we have available. Whether it is a quick game of online bingo or another game of Candy Crush, the options are out there for all of us and the beauty of the technology means that we are only ever a few clicks away from being able to get stuck into our favourite games, from anywhere. To highlight the vast market of this gaming industry the makers of Candy Crush Saga sold for £3.8bn!

candy crush saga

So when it comes to gaming, the options are great for gamers and one particular aspect that is growing in popularity is the online bingo. Whilst, online casino has been popular for a long time, the chance to play bingo is something that is appealing to more and more gamers out there. Another great aspect of the online bingo with Coral is the range of themed games they have including your favourite soaps, such as the Emmerdale bingo and the Coronation Street bingo! The bingo can keep you entertained for hours and you may be able to strike lucky. As mentioned, online casinos are another popular form of gaming apps and it is clear to see why with the range of games that are accessible. Whether it is trying your luck on the roulette wheel or trying to bluff your way to victory on the poker, all is possible with the casino apps.

If that isn’t your thing there are still many gaming apps that will appeal. They can include classics such as Candy Crush which is one of the most downloaded gaming apps of all time and the likes of Angry Birds which is another game that has been extremely popular since its release in 2009, which made it one of the first gaming apps around. Of course, as the popularity of gaming increases there will be more choice for us, and some of the most popular this year include GodFinger 2 which allows you to take care of your own tribe, another popular release this year is Hungry Shark World, which allows you to explore the ocean playing various sharks. Another positive aspect about our gaming apps is that a lot of them are free, and they can vary from action games, to sports, all of which are popular for gamers in 2016.

Overall, the levels of gaming accessible for us on our smartphones or iPads is only increasing both in terms of quality and depth. Old classics such as Angry Birds and Candy Crush will still remain popular but there is also a wide range of newly released games that will grasp your interest, including the online bingo which with its sounds, graphics and realism combining to create a really entertaining gaming experience.

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