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Eutelsatbroadband is helping holiday resorts and their tourists stay connected online in the most remote corners of the world. As a growing number of tourists demand easy access to the internet while on holiday, Eutelsatbroadband specializes in connecting holiday venues to high-speed broadband in the most isolated locations.

This High Throughput Satellite named KA-SAT, was launched into the marketplace in May 2011. The service offers high capacity connectivity with fast and reliable access to the internet almost everywhere. With more than 90Gbps, KA-SAT provides businesses and consumers a competitively priced satellite-delivered service at their fingertips.
Eutelsat KA-SAT is the foundation of a new and innovative satellite infrastructure. Across Europe, eight satellite gateways are connected to the internet by a fibre backbone ring.

This allows tourists to use the internet for all their needs: emails, social networking, upload photos, and handle work enquiries if necessary. All visitors need do to gain access to the service is purchase a required amount of data and enter an access code. They will then have a reliable, high speed connection until all their data is used.

Eutelsatbroadband with RIAN BV, recently installed a satellite broadband service for Recreatiepark Slot Cranendonck in Northbrabant, Netherlands. The site spans 19kmsq of woodland, of which 550 caravans, chalets and tents are based.

After realizing satellite broadband was the solution to their connection problems, a site survey was carried out to calculate the best place to position the Eutelsatbroadband equipment.

The site now has four small satellite dishes, modems and wireless relays for complete wireless connectivity across 99% of the site.

With a Eutelsatbroadband connection, the visitors at Recreatiepark Slot Cranendonck now have high speed internet by satellite from almost anywhere onsite 24/7.

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