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MSI are recognised internationally for building gaming laptops that offer supreme performance, portability and reliability. Laptops built by MSI are driven by innovation and style and boast high quality Turbo Drive Engine technology, which delivers maximum performance together with powerful processing and high-end graphics. There are a few different MSI gaming models you could go for but I’m going to narrow it down to two of their bestselling gaming models currently, see what you think.

The first MSI model I would check out is the GE60 2PC Apache due to its performance, quality of sound through its AMP and overall design and feel with its intuitive backlit keyboard for comfortable typing. Furthermore as the Apache uses an Intel Core i7 Quad Core Haswell Processor with a 15.6inch full HD screen, and 128GB SSD with 1000GB HDD you are assured it will provide the computing muscle needed for a rich gaming experience. Operating system wise the Apache is pre-installed with Microsoft Windows 8.1 64 Bit which is fast and reliable enough so won’t give you any problems gaming wise. Speaking of gaming the GE60 Apache packs a punch and is powerful enough to handle the most demanding 1080p games with an NVidia GTX 850M 2GB dedicated Graphics card and 16GB of DDR3 RAM installed. You’ve read what it comes installed with but what about the design and its aesthetics, well it comes in a gloss black finish with red finishing that looks silk and goes very well with the backlit keyboard. In my opinion MSI have really done well with this gaming laptop in terms of spec, design and price point, you’ll definitely be getting your money’s with this laptop.

If the Apache GE60 2PC isn’t the one or you need a bit better spec then the GT70 2QD Dominator is the one for you due to its outstanding graphics capabilities. Like the Apache the Dominator uses an Intel Core i7 Quad Core Haswell Processor but with a 17.3inch full HD screen and a 1000GB HDD to give you a better viewing angles of your gaming experience. Again Operating system wise the Dominator is pre-installed with Microsoft Windows 8.1 64 Bit which is definitely quick and reliable enough to cope with your gaming assault. But here’s where its gets really interesting the GT70 2QD Dominator is packed with a dedicated GeForce GTX 970M 3GB Graphics card and 16GB of DDR3 RAM which will give you an outstanding, breath taking gaming experience. In terms of design the Dominator has a strong rough matte black finish that gamers will love as it will cope with any abuse you throw at it, and with its cutting edge tech and components it’s designed to be the best in its class and worth checking out.

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