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When it comes to technology, we can often feel lost. After all, tech is an umbrella term, and a nebulous one, at that, that covers a vast array of different gadgets and gizmos. Tech is an important facet of modern life, and so it’s important to develop some degree of tech literacy, but we are woefully under prepared for the tech world of today. I’m no expert, myself, but perhaps I can help some of you develop a better understanding of the tech we use every day so that you can better use it to your advantage in your life. Here are some examples.

For starters, let’s talk about smartphones. Smartphones, like your Samsung phone, are basically super computers that fit into our pockets. These handy devices are not only cell phones, which are miraculous devices in their own right, but they are also capable of a litany of other services that make them a must these days. They are capable of accessing the internet, first and foremost, which in and of itself opens up a wide array of other functions such as games and apps. They can stream video and music, for example. They can also serve as a survival kit by offering GPS, a compass, and a flashlight. Smartphones are just that, smart. Devices that have single-handedly changed the way we live our lives

Another important aspect of tech to consider is the internet, itself. The internet is a truly game-changing piece of tech. It’s a revolution in communications tech, as it has created a truly global community, the likes of which have never been seen. Not only have we connected this global community, but we have also made it so much easier for this community to communicate via translation services and non-verbal communication.

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