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Much of your day is spent on the computer. At work there is always plenty to get done. Whether it is checking emails, contacting clients, working on a spreadsheet, or completing a necessary daily task. Is your work computer running a little slow? Lagging? This might be due to the actual age of the computer (which is sadly out of your control at work) or the computer might not be running effectively. Stop struggling with a slowed down machine. Here are five ways to speed up your work computer.

Don’t Ignore Necessary Updates and Virus Scans. It’s true. Your work computer is not your home computer. Which is why many of us tend to be a little lax when it comes to installing updates and running virus scans. This is a mistake. You don’t want to put your work computer at risk. That may result in a loss of information, putting you behind schedule, or causing you undue stress. Speed up your computer. Run updates regularly and make sure you use an antivirus for business. Your work computer will be faster – and free from bugs, viruses, and malware.


Shorten Your Computer Boot Up Time. Don’t you hate the routine? Waiting and waiting for your computer to actually turn on? It seems to take longer with every day that passes. End the cycle of waiting. It is possible to speed up your computer boot up time. Did you know that many programs that start up automatically are optional? That means you can remove those unnecessary auto start-ups. In turn that will speed up your boot up time – sometimes by thirty to forty percent!

Take Time To Declutter Every Now And Then. You want a computer that is fast. Using a light-weight tune-up tool like those offered by Bitdefender Antivirus is only the beginning. Every once and a while it is important to remove any junk from your work computer. That means getting rid of those old unwanted files, temporary files, and so on. By removing those unnecessary items and running a disk cleanup your computer will run a whole lot faster. That means less time waiting and increased productivity.

Remove Old Programs That You No Longer Use. It is time to take a good look at your work computer. What programs do you use? Which ones do you ignore? If there are certain programs that are no longer being used, see if you can get rid of them. Even unused programs take up space on your computer. That can slow down your machine. A tip? Don’t just look for traditional programs. Things like plug-ins and extensions on your browser also take up additional space. This is your chance. Remove anything you are not making good use of.

Don’t Forget To Defragment Your Hard Drive. Is your work computer still running slowly? Then there is one more thing that you can try: defragmenting your hard drive. Whenever you save files or remove files, this information is stored in sectors. Over time this causes fragmentation. That means it will take longer for you computer to locate the file you want. By running a defrag program, you will speed up your computer like never before. Thank goodness for that!

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